We offer group counseling and individual therapy sessions for women and children who are guests in our shelter. We have an experienced and dedicated group of counselors and therapists who are available to assist our guests with dealing with the trauma they have experienced, helping them find a safe and healthy way to cope with their situation and creating a plan to move forward. 

If you are in need of counseling sessions but are not currently a guest in our shelter, please check out our list of support groups in your area. We offer support groups in all three counties. They are free of charge and confidential. If you need a referral or a counselor or therapist, please call our crisis line for assistance 843-744-3242.




Like many nonprofits, we rely greatly on the services, volunteer hours and donations of our friends in the community. With almost 40 years of experience serving the Tri-county area, you can rest assured that we are experts in our field. 


CALL: MSH - 843.747.4069

           24/7 Crisis - 1.800.273.HOPE


MAIL: P.O. Box 71171

           N Charleston, SC 29415



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