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The Education and Training Program at My Sister’s House, Inc. is committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence through community education, engagement, and awareness.


Through education and training, we break down barriers to this complex issue and support survivors in our community.

Support Group

We have a wonderful community outreach staff led by Sydney Conrad, Director of Education & Training. She and her staff are available to come and speak to your church, school, civic group, sorority, or fraternity about domestic violence in the Lowcountry, how it impacts the lives of the victims and their families, and what we can do to stem the violence that plagues our community.

Faith-Based Workshops in Response to Domestic & Sexual Violence

Our Lowcountry faith institutions provide critical support to their members and the community in so many ways. Leaders of all faiths have share with our experts that it's difficult to know the best way to respond to a disclosure of abuse, past or present, experienced at home – or even at church. 

Our Faith-Based Workshops offer ongoing training and resources to help leaders of every faith meet the needs of those experiencing domestic and sexual violence. We are a dedicated partner for all faith communities working to build informed, compassionate environments that promote safety and survival in response to violence and victimization. 

This program is meant for leaders of all faiths, volunteers within faith institutions and any individual who wants to learn more!


The Faith-Based Task Force is an ongoing, collaborative effort between My Sister's House, Tri-County SPEAKS, and other organizations and individuals in partnership with the Tri-County Victims Council. 

Faith-Based Workshops
Virtual Team Meeting

We can provide handouts, tailored training, and additional resources to government agencies, police departments, businesses, victim advocates, hospitals, and more. If you are interested in being part of the solution and helping us advance the dialogue on domestic violence, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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