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Unforgivable mistakes in the image of the protagonist

The dilettante hero, the ignorant hero.

It's not for nothing that clever books on writing advise you to write about what you know. This advice applies not only to emotional experience, but also to such specific things as professional fields, peculiarities of national culture and/or historical era, branches of science, etc.

Of course, pay someone to write a paper in 3 hours no one has cancelled the collection of material and additional research, but, unfortunately, new information is not always able to add up to an adequate and consistent system of knowledge in the author's head. This means that confusion is inevitable in the pages of the book.

Sometimes, to avoid this confusion, the author takes the path of simplification, does not get into professional "thickets" - and falls into the trap of dilettantism.

For example, college essays for sale the hero of the book is announced on the pages of the book as a tough professional, able to solve the most serious problems, but in fact all the solutions that he offers are at the level of a first-year student of the relevant specialized university. And this is obvious to anyone with a little understanding of the subject or the profession.

Or another example: the hero is an employee of a diplomatic agency, with a long record, but he is unable to observe protocol, or even does not know what it is.

With historical eras or national cultures it is not so obvious, especially if the external background is well researched and successfully presented in the book - everyday life, the everyday environment, daily life and the signs of the time or place. But if, algebra homework help in such a stated historical or national setting, the hero makes decisions and takes actions that follow the logic of a modern, average citizen, then the reader cannot help but notice the dissonance.


The best solution is not only to conduct additional research and collect material, but also to find a consultant, someone who understands the issue well or, for example, has the right profession. With such a consultant, one can not only find out the details essential to the narrative, but also check out together with him the logic of the hero's actions, the psychological background to his decisions, and assess from a specific - professional, scientific, etc. - point of view. - from a professional, scientific, etc. point of view, the written episodes.

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