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UnderstandingMovies14thEditionfreedownload (Final 2022)




View all 3 formats and editions View all 2 versions and editions A look at the art, business, and craft of moviemaking, including principles of scriptwriting, acting, directing, and producing. Updated with new features such as a DVD and online access to the 14th Edition. About This Item This book offers an overview of the process of making a movie. From writing the script, casting and pre-production, to shooting the movie and editing, this book walks you through each step, and explains what issues arise at each stage. It also explains the technical and creative principles behind how a movie is made, and how movies and television are different. From one of the leading authorities on film, a practical and comprehensive guide to what it takes to make a feature film or TV series, which includes a DVD of highlights and extra material. What's inside 14th Edition 2014 What readers are saying Reviews July 5, 2015 Reviewed by Ann Elizabeth Hogan For some of us, the movie business is still a mystery, with surprises around every corner. But to others, movies seem familiar and predictable, like driving a car. That's why I recommend a copy of this book to anyone who wants to understand the movie industry. The movie industry is undergoing a transformation right now, and film criticism is being upgraded to reflect the changes, but Leonard Maltin's comprehensive book remains a valuable guide to the business of movies. Lively, clear, and well-researched, "Movies" is also thorough in its coverage of the movies themselves: the rules and conventions, and how they work in practice. Maltin's movie criticisms are thorough, though his is not the genre of the quick review for which film criticism is so well known, so you'll find a fair number of historical insights in his reviews. (A note on epigraphs: Maltin's epigraphs are frequently fun and playful, and I suspect he's using quotes he wants to share. But as an epigraph can be a powerful tool in conveying a point, he may have been wise to consider his choices a bit more carefully.) There is a lot of material in "Movies," from basic rules of movie construction to the many ways in which a movie is different from a play or novel. There are many chapters on the business of movies. But the most memorable are the chapters on movies, the most basic of which is "Character



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UnderstandingMovies14thEditionfreedownload (Final 2022)

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