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The Family Support Program at My Sister’s House was developed to better assist the parents and children who are victims of domestic violence. 


Image by Jhon David

The program provides educational and therapeutic activities for children ages four to 17. The goal of the children’s program is to provide advocacy, counseling, and other forms of support for children who suffer the effects of violence.


Education, time, and space are given to the children as they begin the healing from their emotional wounds. They learn to nurture themselves and one another, and to recognize that their emotions and feelings are normal for what they have gone through. 


By providing proper attention and counseling, we hope to see each child blossom while under our care.  

Boy's Portrait

The Family Support Program is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out an application. Volunteers have a huge impact on the children and their emotional growth.


You also can support our program by donating items from our wishlist.



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